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A Tradition in Citrus Fundraising
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We worked with Florida Indian River Groves on a Fruit Fundraiser for our High School Marching Band. They set us up with your own High school landing page, and offered many tools to help students sell and track their sales. People could order on-line ... The program also allowed us to track and identify all money raised by each seller ... I would highly recommend working with Florida Indian River for your fund-raising needs.
Debbie Levis (Pennsylvania)
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Online Ordering

Supporter's spend more when they're not restricted by cash on hand. Look forward to a jump in your annual sales -- and profits!
Supporter's appreciate having multiple payment options. With our online option, they can purchase with any major credit or debit card as well as a check!
Your supporters will appreciate the convenience of shopping 24/7. Your supporters can make their purchase at 7:00 am or 1:00 am ... whenever they have a free moment.
Get a head start on the competition! Offer your supporters online ordering weeks ahead of your traditional sale period.
Take advantage of e-mail marketing. Say you have 50 members and each member has email addresses for 10 people. You can now promote your fundraiser to 500 prime prospects with the click of a button.
Manage your member credit accounts. Automatically accumulate member credits for all online and cash or check orders.
Complete sale account reporting. Real time organization sales summary and customer order reports keep you on top of your sale.
Submit final order online. Complete and submit your final order with a click of a button.
Pay your invoice online. Settle your account quickly and safely online.
Note: Due the costs and resources involved, online ordering is available only to those organizations whose sales generate a minimum of 6000 lbs of fruit. Exceptions may apply. Please call 800-468-3168 if you have questions.
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