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A Tradition in Citrus Fundraising
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I have nothing but great things to say about Florida Indian River Groves. Our fundraiser was extremely profitable and Florida Indian River Groves was 100% supportive every step of the way!
Jeremy Milton
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Fundraising Programs

Grove Fresh, Indian River Fruit ...
It's a natural moneymaker for groups like yours

Everyone loves the taste and health benefits of Grove Fresh oranges and grapefruit. So why not sponsor a Fresh Florida Citrus Sale? It's quick and easy. All it takes is a little organization, a few volunteers, and a helpful member of our team, expertly trained to walk you through our proven fundraising program every step of the way!

Buy Wholesale, Sell Below Retail

When you choose to sell our Grove Fresh Florida citrus, you'll be buying directly from Florida Indian River Groves at wholesale prices. Our fruit is shipped fresh, less than 24 hours after coming off the tree, and is packed in our trademark, color coded cartons for easy distribution.

You'll find you can add $5 to $10 to our wholesale price and still sell below supermarket prices. Sell a truckload of our world renowned citrus and your group can easily earn as much as $10,000 in profit.

Your choice of three delivery periods

World renowned for our unparalleled quality, Florida Indian River Groves offers the juiciest and sweetest fruit grown anywhere. Our Fresh Florida fruit is so popular; you'll have built-in repeat customers with each new sale. And with fruit this good, you may want to consider holding more than one fruit sale fundraiser a year.

November and December represent our most popular months for delivery; however, our Grove Fresh oranges and grapefruit are available all the way through March. So why not host a pre-Thanksgiving sale and follow up with another sale just prior to the holidays. Or possibly hold a winter fundraiser which delivers in early March. Consult our Sales Timelines to determine which fundraising program works best for you. Whatever you decide, you're sure to reap the rewards of selling fresh Florida citrus.

Get Your Own Fundraising Kit

To help you plan for your Fresh Fruit Fundraiser, Florida Indian River Groves offers a complete kit providing step-by-step instructions, including product brochures and order forms, and a host of other helpful materials. Everything you need to conduct a successful and profitable fruit sale fundraiser is provided. Request Information today to receive your Florida Citrus Fundraising Kit and start planning what you'll do with all the funds your Fruit Sale Fundraiser brings in.

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