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A Tradition in Citrus Fundraising
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I have nothing but great things to say about Florida Indian River Groves. Our fundraiser was extremely profitable and Florida Indian River Groves was 100% supportive every step of the way!
Jeremy Milton
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We suggest Navel Oranges and Indian River Red Grapefruit.

Approximately 80% of your total sales will consist of these two varieties, either individually or as a part of our navel orange & red grapefruit mixed box.

Keep your sale simple! You will not double your sales by doubling the number of varieties your group offers. You will only end up doubling the work involved.
You will need to set three dates: a start date, a date on which to end your sale and a preferred delivery date.

We recommend a selling period of two to six weeks. This will give you ample time to promote your sale while keeping enthusiasm high. Fall deliveries will be made the week before the week of Thanksgiving and during the first and second week of December. Fruit quality at both times is excellent, so just pick the time frame which works best for you.

If you have a smaller order, you must be flexible with regard to delivery dates. If your organization sells more than 40,000 pounds, you may specify a specific delivery date and time.
There are 3 keys to every successful sale: Getting the Word Out, Establishing Goals and Keeping Good Records.

First of all, you'll want get the word out. It's important to let your entire community know about your fruit sale and the reason you're raising funds. Contact local businesses and suggest they purchase boxes of fruit for their clients, customers or employees. Consider approaching your local newspaper and radio station for free advertising in the form of a press release.

Establish sales goals for your entire organization and individual sales goals for each of your members. Be sure to keep your members up to date as you progress towards and accomplish your goals.

Keep good records. Save a copy of your order forms. Next year you'll be able to call on the same supporters and easily secure repeat business.
When your fruit sale is complete, please call us with your final order.

After we have spoken with you by phone, please provide written confirmation of your order by filling out a copy of our Confirming Order Form, which was included with your free promotional materials. This form allows us to double check your order prior to it being shipped.
We will contact you when your citrus leaves our packing facilities.

The driver will also contact you en route and will keep you advised of his or her progress. The driver's responsibility is to arrive on time barring unforeseen weather or traffic problems. You will need to have volunteers on hand to unload your citrus.

Your order will include 1% overage. These extra cartons are included to cover you in the unlikely event that a box is damaged in transit. When your citrus arrives in perfect condition, these boxes are yours to give to volunteers or to sell at 100% profit.
You may enter your reservation online or you may call us at (800) 468-3168.

As soon as we receive your reservation, we will schedule shipment of your color sales materials. Inside you'll find everything you need to properly promote your sale including product brochures, three part sales receipts, money collection envelopes, and a variety of promotional posters.
First, contact us to confirm current pricing for your area.

The price quote you will receive includes all freight charges but does not include your profit margin. As a general guideline, we suggest a 100% markup, resulting in a 50% profit margin on each item sold.

We will provide you with a list of suggested selling prices. The large majority of the groups we service elect to sell at these prices. However, you are free to set your final sales price at whatever level you feel is most appropriate for your community. If you need help determining your selling prices, a member of our team would be happy to assist you.
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