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A Tradition in Citrus Fundraising
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I have nothing but great things to say about Florida Indian River Groves. Our fundraiser was extremely profitable and Florida Indian River Groves was 100% supportive every step of the way!
Jeremy Milton
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You can count on Florida Indian River Groves to deliver:
World Renowned Quality
Each piece is hand selected for quality and freshness and on the road to you less than 24 hours after coming off the tree!
Thousands of Dollars in Additional Profits
Our Gift Shipping program allows anyone, anywhere to support your group! A group of 100 members will earn an additional $1,800 or more on out of area sales!
Your FREE E-Commerce Website
Your supporters can order fruit to be shipped to your organizations (for local pickup or delivery) or directly to the door of family and friends across the country! And your group profits either way!
Affordable Fundraising Options:
Our exclusive 10-pound box is perfect for today's economy offering your supporters an affordable way to support your organization.
A Tradition in Citrus Fundraising
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A $50 deposit is required for sales materials. On completion of a successful sale, a $100 credit is issued to your organization.

For organizations selling less than 500 boxes of fruit, there is
a $100 drop charge.
For organizations selling less than 500 boxes of fruit, there is
a $100 drop charge.
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