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Grove Fresh, Indian River Fruit…

It’s an ALL NATURAL moneymaker for groups like yours!

Everyone loves the taste and immunity-boosting benefits of grove-fresh oranges and grapefruit. Why not sponsor your own Florida Citrus Fruit Sale? It’s never been easier to hold a fundraiser! With a little organization, a few volunteers, and a helpful, expertly-trained member of our team to provide support and assistance, you’ll be raising money in no time!

Fundraising Programs - Oranges

Buy Wholesale, Sell Below Retail

When you choose to sell grove-fresh fruit, you’re not only buying fruit directly from Florida Indian River Groves at wholesale prices, you’re also getting fruit that is shipped less than 24 hours after coming off the tree. It’s that fresh! Our fruit is packed in our color-coded cartons that make it easy for distribution, making your job of giving customers their orders quickly much easier.

Your Choice of 3 Fundraising Options

  • Premium Program

    Available During August - May

    • Every piece is 100% guaranteed
    • Our finest, premium fruit
    • Shipped in protective trays for maximum freshness-harvested and shipped within 24 hours
    • Perfect gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself!
    • Includes FREE Custom Website
    • Includes FREE Fruit Fundraising Mobile App
  • Standard Bulk Program

    Offered Fall Season August - December

    • Shipped bulk for maximum quantity
    • Every piece is 100% guaranteed
    • Our standard, high-quality fruit
    • Picked, packed, and shipped fresh off the tree
    • Includes FREE Custom Website
    • Included FREE Fruit Fundraising Mobile App
  • Ship to Home Program

    Offered During August - May

    • No in-person delivery or product distribution to manage
    • Every piece is 100% guaranteed
    • FREE Custom Website for your Group!
    • All orders and payments made online, no orders or money to collect! It’s all handled online!
    • All orders ship Nationwide (minus Alaska and Hawaii) with a low cost flat rate shipping per box
    • Great for supporters near and far!
    • Includes FREE Fruit Fundraising Mobile App

To help you plan your own Fresh Fruit Fundraiser, Florida Indian River Groves offers a complete kit providing step-by-step instructions, full color product brochures and order forms, digital marketing materials, and a host of other helpful materials. Everything you need to conduct a successful and profitable fruit sale fundraiser is provided. Download our FREE Fruit Fundraising Mobile App to INCREASE your sales and MOTIVATE your participants into being more active!

Request information today to receive your Florida Citrus Fundraising Kit and start planning what you’ll do with all the funds your Fruit Sale Fundraiser brings in.

4 Steps to Success

Step 1

Enter Your Reservation and Set Your Sale Dates

You May Enter Your Reservation Online or Call Us at (800) 468-3168.

As soon as we receive your reservation and sale dates, we will schedule shipment of your full color sales materials or create your custom website link. With our Premium Program, you’ll receive everything you need to get started, including full color product brochures, three part sales receipts, and money collection envelopes. With our Ship to Home Online Only program, you’ll be emailed helpful digital marketing materials including our social media packet.

Step 2

Conduct Your Sale

There Are 3 Keys to Every Successful Sale:


Getting the Word Out


Establishing Goals

File Cabinet

Keeping Good Records

Use every resource to get the word out. It’s important to let your entire community know about your fruit sale and the reason you’re raising funds. Contact local businesses and suggest they purchase boxes of fruit for their clients, customers or employees. Use all your social media platforms, text messaging, and email lists to tell your communities about the sale. It’s even EASIER with our NEW Fruit Fundraising Mobile App! Download once, complete the set-up, and never have to visit the app again! This FREE Fruit Fundraising Mobile App does the selling FOR YOU!

Establish sales goals for your entire organization and for individual sales with your fundraising team. Be sure to keep your members up to date as you progress toward and accomplish your goals. We have helpful tips here.

Keep good records. Save a copy of your order forms. Next year, you’ll be able to call on the same supporters and easily secure repeat business. There are also full reports of online orders you can access to reach out to online customers.

Step 3

Submit Your Final Order

When your Premium Program fruit sale is complete, please call us with your final order.

After we have spoken with you by phone, please provide a written confirmation of your order by filling out a copy of our Confirming Order Form, which comes with your free promotional materials. This form allows us to double check your order prior to it being shipped.

If you’re holding a Ship to Home sale, we’ll reach out once your last sale date approaches to confirm the end of your sale and go over next steps. All your orders are placed online, and Florida Indian River Groves will take care of the delivery; your job is done.

Step 4

Take Delivery

For our Premium Program, we will contact you when your citrus leaves our packing facilities.

The driver required call you en route and keep you informed of their progress. The driver’s responsibility is to arrive on time, barring unforeseen weather or traffic problems.

With Florida Indian River Groves’ Premium Program, you will need volunteers and equipment on hand to unload your fruit for delivery. Your order will include 1% overage of extra fruit cartons that will cover you in the unlikely event that a box is damaged in transit. When your citrus arrives in perfect condition, these boxes are yours to give to volunteers or to sell at 100% profit.

With the Ship to Home program, all orders will be shipped directly to the supporter’s home. All your fundraising team has left to do is to collect the profit margins and plan your next annual fruit sale fundraiser.

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