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We Handle Issues so YOU don’t have to!

Every year, we ship thousands of boxes of fresh fruit. More than 97% of our deliveries arrive without any incident. All of our citrus is hand-picked, cleansed, and hand-selected for packaging, and we only choose fruit of the highest quality to be selected for your package. However, in less than 3% of cases, some orders arrive that need our attention. Fruit is a perishable product, and occasionally spoilage or damage in transit does occur.

What we do know that is 100% within our control is our response to your concerns. We sincerely respond to each individual issue with the utmost of care. When you reach out to us, we will send you a Claim Form. This claim form allows us to better collect the information we need to improve your experience now and moving forward. Without this claim form, we can only partially help. If upon receiving your order you find that it is not up to our usual standards, we will do our very best to address your individual concerns within 20 days of receiving your fresh fruit delivery.

Florida Indian River Groves Offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on All Our Fruit.

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