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We’ve solved the #1 problem in fundraising:

Lack of Participation

You’ve told us only 10-20% of your fundraising group typically participates in any given fundraiser. Why? Quite frankly, while they want to help, they have other priorities, too.

With our new mobile apps, fundraising participation is now as easy as using your mobile phone.

In less than 5 minutes, your participants can download our mobile app, select contacts already stored on their mobile device, link to their social networks, and our revolutionary technology will automate sales and marketing on their behalf.

And the best part? After the 5-minute setup, your participants never have to come back to the app again!


Steps to Use Mobile App


App Profitability Chart

Check Out the Benefits

Automate texts and emails to friends & family, sharing a link to your free online ordering webpage.

Connect to social media networks and automate posts, expanding your reach and increasing your sales.

Participants interact with the app once – and then they’re done! Our automated system will message their contacts at regular intervals, until they buy or until your fundraiser ends.

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