4 Tips for School Fundraising Success

florida indian river groves school fundraising success

Use these tips and resources to achieve school fundraising success!

School fundraising can help you gather the much-needed funds for school trips, supplies, club activities, sports teams. However, like all fundraisers, you must consider how best to organize this event so you can reach—or even exceed—your fundraising goals. When you partner with Florida Indian River Groves fruit fundraisers, we help ensure your school’s fundraising success. Remember the following tips for success, and reach out to us today to start planning your next school event. Check out our Fundraising Coordinator’s Guide

Carefully Plan Your Fundraiser

You don’t want to wear down family members with back-to-back school fundraisers. To avoid fundraiser fatigue, carefully plan when you host your fundraiser for maximum impact. You might plan one fundraiser in the fall and one in the springtime. Before you schedule your school fundraiser, consider when the last event was and how much excitement you may be able to build for your upcoming event. To help plan accordingly please see our Sales Timeline.

Sell What You Want to Buy 

No matter the fundraiser, you should always sample the products so that you can effectively communicate about the product when selling. At Florida Indian River Groves, we believe that participants should be able to feel confident in what they are selling. Our fresh fruit is thoroughly inspected for quality, so every supporter receives excellent products and is backed by our 100% Guarantee

This is why we recommend school fruit fundraising programs: everyone loves it! No matter what someone’s dietary preferences are, they can find fruit from our programs that they want to buy. When you partner with Florida Indian River Groves, selling our fresh fruit is easy because you know we sell high-quality fruit everyone can enjoy.

Choose Incentives Wisely 

Many school fundraising programs will offer fun incentives for their students to motivate their fundraising efforts. While this can be helpful, you don’t want to lose sight of the valuable experience fundraising offers – working with others towards a worthwhile common goal. 

So, be sure to choose your incentives wisely. Consider offering experiences instead of material prizes. For example, if multiple classrooms are fundraising, maybe the class who raises the most wins a party or extra playground time. Alternatively, you may offer wacky rewards related to teachers. For example, if your school group reaches their goal, they can throw a pie in their teacher’s face! Kids are often motivated by anything fun that can break up the typical school routine.

Evaluate and Improve

Develop a way to evaluate your school’s fundraising success. This can help you prepare for your next fundraiser. Ask questions like “How many volunteers did it require?” and “Did fundraisers find this product easy to sell?” You can also consider whether reaching out to supporters online with the Florida Indian River Groves fundraising app worked for your supporters. Evaluating what led to your success can help you know ahead of time how to optimize your next fundraiser. 

Our Clients Are Talking…

Supporters of our school fundraisers are extremely pleased with our products. For instance, Dianne says: I like supporting fundraisers and was more than pleased with the delivery of my order… I absolutely loved the mandarin/tangerines. Best I have ever had and so sweet. I will never hesitate to order from any group selling your fruit.

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If you’re ready to host your successful school fundraiser, contact the team at Florida Indian River Groves today!


Located in Vero Beach, Florida, Florida Indian River Groves is a proven leader in fruit sale fundraising. We’ve successfully raised over $87 million for schools, churches, and community groups throughout the United States. Florida Indian River Groves is especially popular among schools in the Southeast, with large numbers of clients in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our fresh fruit, easy-to-use programs, and customer service cannot be beat. You can visit our website today to request more information, browse our varieties, or schedule a fundraiser. You may also speak to a representative at 1-800-468-3168 for more details. Follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for updates on our fundraising programs and fresh fruit harvests.

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