The Best Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for Your Fruit Fundraiser

florida indian river groves volunteer recruitment strategies

Use these volunteer recruitment strategies to build the best team for your fruit fundraiser.

Volunteers are essential to the success of your fundraiser. They are the ones who increase your impact and reach out to as many supporters as possible. Finding the right number of volunteers is essential, so no one has to carry too much of the responsibility. Better yet, when you have a range of volunteers on your team, you can reach out to as broad an audience as possible to spread the word about your fundraiser and organization. How can you find the best team of volunteers ready to give their time and energy to your fundraiser? The following volunteer recruitment strategies are some of the best ways to attract help to your fruit fundraiser with Florida Indian River Groves.

First, Ask! 

The first strategy may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. To recruit volunteers, first, ask people if they are interested. Outside of your immediate group, you may post on your social media that you are looking for volunteers. If you have a newsletter, you can include a list of volunteer opportunities and ask your current volunteers to invite friends to an event. Many volunteers are out there; they just may not know that you need their help! 

Be Specific About Volunteer Duties

If you put out a general volunteer recruitment announcement, be more specific. Let people know you need people to canvas a neighborhood or volunteers to set up and manage a fundraising table at a local event. Additionally, if you need people to have specific skills, make sure you let them know. You can attract the right people for the job when you are specific. 

Highlight How Volunteering Benefits the Volunteers

A simple volunteer recruitment strategy is to remind potential volunteers what the experience can offer. Why should they donate their time to your organization? You can remind volunteers about what they can gain from helping your fruit fundraiser. For example: 

  • They can make a tangible difference to your club
  • It’s an opportunity to meet and network with their community
  • They can help elevate a cause they believe in 
  • Volunteers enjoy the satisfaction that comes with helping others

Make Sign-Up Easy

Finally, you want to make it easy for your volunteers to sign up and help your cause. Make the volunteer sign-up process straightforward, and ensure all your current volunteers greet your new helpers with a welcoming, friendly attitude. First impressions matter; if someone feels welcome, they will be even more excited to help your fundraiser. 

Trust the Team at Florida Indian River Groves

Once you have recruited your fundraiser volunteers, you can host a successful program with the help of the team at Florida Indian River Groves. We provide your team with a free fundraising website, a fundraising app, and lots of free marketing tools to help you reach out to supporters. 

Our fundraiser hosts love the service we provide. Randy says: “[I] ran the fundraiser for my sports program. Their customer service is great and it is super easy to sell with the way they use technology. Fruit came in fresh and on time. Great and easy fundraiser!!”


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