Preparing for Your Fall School Fundraiser

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Plan your successful fall school fundraiser with Florida Indian River Groves.

September is here, which means the new school year is starting, and many bands, clubs and sports teams are looking for much needed funds.  If your school group is interested in holding a fresh fruit fundraiser with Florida Indian River Groves, make sure you are prepared for your fall school fundraiser to ensure its success. The following steps can help you make sure your group is on the same page and ready to reach—or exceed!—your fundraising goals. 

Consider Successful Past Campaigns 

Before diving into your fall school fundraiser, it’s worth looking at your fundraising efforts in the past and evaluating what worked and what didn’t. Don’t be afraid to shake up the old routine to try more of something new that worked. 

To find out what works best, look at some data you may have, such as:

  • The results of your past fundraisers – your goals vs. final revenue
  • Your most successful social media posts
  • The effectiveness of your email campaign 

This data can help you determine how much you should incorporate social media, email, and other methods into your next fundraiser with Florida Indian River Groves

Meet with Your Team 

Before your first meeting with your group, club, or team members who will lead the fall fundraiser, present your findings to the group. Then, during your first meeting, you can ask for feedback from your team about what they feel worked during last year’s fundraiser. You can then create a list of action items: what to improve, items needed to replicate success and any other parts of your fundraiser you don’t want to miss! 

Set Your Fall Fundraiser Goals

Before starting your fall school fundraiser, you should create clear goals for your team. It’s best to remember to make SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. In addition to creating financial goals for your group, you may also want to set goals for community growth and engagement.

Meet Regularly with Your Team

In addition to gathering everyone together to launch your fundraiser, you should meet regularly with your club or team throughout your fundraiser to keep everyone updated on its progress and ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also use these meetings to offer help or advice to others who are maybe struggling to reach out, make sales or spread out fundraising duties to account for different schedules. 

Once your team is prepared and knows its goals, you can host a successful fruit fundraiser with Florida Indian River Groves! You should also take full advantage of our free marketing tools, including our fundraising website and mobile app your team can use to collect orders and share news of the fundraiser with others. You also have access to support from our experienced team.

What Do Our Fundraising Partners Say? 

The groups that have previously worked with us have great things to say about their fundraising experience. 

For example: Barbara writes: “Our band program has used Indian River Groves for our fruit sales for many years and have always had a good experience! The fruit is beautiful and delicious and our community looks forward to “band fruit” every year… I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a group fundraiser.”

See more of our 700 5-Star reviews here!


Located in Vero Beach, Florida, Florida Indian River Groves is a proven leader in fruit sale fundraising. We’ve successfully raised over $87 million for schools, churches, and community groups throughout the United States. Florida Indian River Groves is especially popular among schools in the Southeast, with large numbers of clients in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our fresh fruit, easy-to-use programs, and customer service cannot be beat. You can visit our website today to request more information, browse our varieties, or schedule a fundraiser. You may also speak to a representative at 1-800-468-3168 for more details. Follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for updates on our fundraising programs and fresh fruit harvests.

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