4 Tips for Launching a Successful Fruit Sale Fundraiser

florida indian river groves fruit sale fundraiser

Learn how you can plan a successful fruit sale fundraiser with Florida Indian River Groves.

If you are planning a fruit sale fundraiser for your organization, team, or school group, figuring out how to meet your financial goals can be difficult. Ultimately, the secret behind every successful fundraiser is a well-planned campaign. When you work with Florida Indian River Groves to hold your fruit sale fundraiser, you already have a knowledgeable and experienced fundraising partner. As you use our resources for both in-person and online fundraising, you can consider the following to make sure you successfully reach your supporters.

Know The “Why” Behind Your Fundraiser

Why should a potential supporter give to your organization instead of another? You should always be able to answer this question because potential donors may ask. To hold a successful fruit sale fundraiser, first, make sure that you understand what you are raising money for so you can explain to people how they can help you. For instance, if you are a sports team raising money for new uniforms or a church group raising money for missionary travel, you can explain to potential supporters why you have this goal and how these funds will help your group significantly. 

Reach Your Supporters

People want to give because they like to make a difference in their local community. Take the proper steps to encourage people to contribute, ensuring a successful fundraising campaign.

The first step in finding supporters is to reach out to people who will feel passionate about your cause. For school groups, this often includes the family members of students who want the best for their children. However, sports teams may reach out to their fans and family, and church groups can reach out to their congregation or their wider religious community. 

Explain the Benefits of Supporting Your Cause

When you hold a fruit sale fundraiser, it’s easy to convince people to participate. In exchange for supporting your group’s cause, your supporter will receive one of our healthy fruit packagesAlmost everyone enjoys fresh fruit, and your potential supporters will appreciate being able to order directly from the farm.  

Create Convenient Fundraising Opportunities 

At Florida Indian River Groves, we make it easy to reach as many supporters as possible. To facilitate in-person fundraising, we provide our fundraising partners with free color catalogs and order forms. However, we also allow our partners to use free fundraising websites and a mobile fundraising app to make connecting with online supporters easy. By using these tools, you can meet people face-to-face and through the app, meeting them at their comfort level. 


Located in Vero Beach, Florida, Florida Indian River Groves is a proven leader in fruit sale fundraising. We’ve successfully raised over $87 million for schools, churches, and community groups throughout the United States. Florida Indian River Groves is especially popular among schools in the Southeast, with large numbers of clients in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our fresh fruit, easy-to-use programs, and customer service cannot be beat. You can visit our website today to request more information, browse our varieties, or schedule a fundraiser. You may also speak to a representative at 1-800-468-3168 for more details. Follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for updates on our fundraising programs and fresh fruit harvests.

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