Church Fundraising Ideas: How to Run a Successful Fruit Sale

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Using our mobile app can be a crucial part of church fundraising!

So you’ve partnered with Florida Indian River Groves and are ready to hold your next successful church fundraiser. How can you approach potential supporters in the most effective way to get the sales you’re hoping for? While talking to people face-to-face is the best way to promote your fundraiser, we always recommend using every tool at your disposal. When you partner with Florida Indian River Groves, that means you also have a free custom fundraiser website and fundraising mobile app to use to reach as many people as possible. If you are looking for a few church fundraising ideas to help you reach your supporters, consider the following methods. 

Compile a Contact List at Church Events 

Any church events, including mass, meetings, bingo nights, holiday events, and more, can be used to reach out to your church community. You can ask to set up a small table where visitors or congregation members can stop by and receive information on the fresh fruit packages you’re selling. Here you can pass out color brochures and encourage people to sign up for fundraising emails for even more information.

Even if people are not ready to buy that day, they may likely be interested in hearing about your fundraiser and how it will give back to the church community. When you have their email, you can send them future emails that give them convenient links to place their orders. 

Spread The Word About Your Fundraiser in Church Announcements 

To spread the word about your church fundraising to many people quickly, you can ask for an announcement to be included at the end of mass. Additionally, if your church publishes a newsletter with programs and community news, you can place a blurb in this newsletter advertising your fundraiser. Be sure to include what people can purchase, how long the fundraiser will last, and how the funds will benefit the church. 

Use Our Mobile App For Extra Convenience 

Every member of your fundraising group likely has other church members included in their phone contacts and social media networks. When you use the Florida Indian River Groves fundraising app, you can instantly decide which contacts you wish to send fundraising information to. When using the app, you will schedule texts or emails to those contacts, letting them know about your fundraiser and how they can support your cause. 

You can also schedule regular posts to your social media profiles, where you can reach out to your wide network of connections. Church fundraising becomes extra convenient when you can reach out to supporters directly through text, email, or social media. When you combine convenient technology with face-to-face appeals, you can ensure success for your next church fundraiser.


Located in Vero Beach, Florida, Florida Indian River Groves is a proven leader in fruit sale fundraising. We’ve successfully raised over $87 million for schools, churches, and community groups throughout the United States. Florida Indian River Groves is especially popular among schools in the Southeast, with large numbers of clients in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our fresh fruit, easy-to-use programs, and customer service cannot be beat. You can visit our website today to request more information, browse our varieties, or schedule a fundraiser. You may also speak to a representative at 1-800-468-3168 for more details. Follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for updates on our fundraising programs and fresh fruit harvests.

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