How to Make Your Fundraiser Appealing to Young Adults

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Learn how to make your fundraiser appealing to younger generations and expand your support network.

When hosting a fundraiser, you want to reach out to everyone in your community to see the best results. However, some people may be harder to reach than others. While many fundraisers used to rely on door-to-door sales or phone calls in the past, many members of the younger generation prefer to communicate in different ways. Young adults of “Generation Z” range in age from 15 to 26 and make up nearly a quarter of the U.S. population. Young adults in your community may be eager to help local causes, but they won’t if you don’t reach out effectively. So how can you make your fundraiser appealing to young adults? Try some of the following methods. 

Leverage Peer-to-Peer Campaigning 

Members of “Gen Z” have been found to be impact-oriented and interested in raising money for organizations they care about. To spread your message to the young adults in your life, you may consider focusing on peer-to-peer interactions. Your fundraiser participants can share your fundraiser across social media platforms and speak directly with their friends to communicate the benefits of your fundraiser. 

Optimize Mobile Fundraising

Almost all young adults own smartphones and use them frequently to communicate with everyone in their lives. Incorporating mobile fundraising into your overall strategy is essential for reaching a broader network of supporters. 

When you partner with Florida Indian River Groves, you can use our free fundraising mobile app. This app directly shares fundraising messages and links to your chosen social media pages or phone contacts. Additionally, you receive a free fundraising website that makes submitting orders easier than ever. The convenience of accessing your fundraiser online is very appealing to the younger generation.

Keep Your Appeals Short and Sweet

Did you know the average attention span is 8 seconds? To make your fundraiser appealing to young adults, make sure to capture their attention quickly. How can you do this? Remember these tips: 

  • Cut out the fluff
  • Pay attention to readability
  • Use formatting to draw attention – use different heading sizes, bold words, or bullet points to make words pop
  • Chunk your text into sections 
  • Have a strong call to action that tells supporters what to do next

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used across social media to “tag” related posts. Creating an effective hashtag can be one way to raise awareness about your fundraiser and encourage others to share their contributions. When creating a hashtag, remember to keep it short and ensure it isn’t already being used on social media. 

When hosting a successful fundraiser, you want to reach as many people as possible. By incorporating these methods, you can appeal to a younger generation and encourage them to support you into the future. 


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