A Few Tips for Creating the Best Fundraiser Incentives

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Learn how excellent fundraiser incentives can inspire great success for your team!

When hosting a school or community fundraiser, you can use fundraiser incentives to drive more participation and generate more sales. Incentives should always be fun bonuses for hard work and commitment to the fundraiser and encourage people to get out there and make great sales. However, it’s important that you don’t encourage too much competition or discourage participation altogether. You want to find a fun balance for your fundraiser incentives that makes them appealing and inclusive. Read on for a few tips on selecting your rewards.

A Few Things to Remember

There are a few essential tips you should remember when creating fun incentives: 

  • Go local! Offering gift certificates, items, lessons, or other items from local businesses can be a great way to benefit your community even more
  • Create tiers of rewards, and ensure that the initial reward level is low enough so at least 50% of participants can earn a reward. 
  • Remember that while group awards will stimulate sales, individual rewards are often more effective
  • It can be fun to offer the option of “combination rewards.” For example, a seller may select a basic price for each level of success or wait to reach one larger prize for their ultimate success. 

Offer Customer Rewards

You don’t have to limit the fundraiser incentives to your salespeople! You can also offer incentives to drive purchases for your fundraiser. For example, you can work with a local business to provide a gift certificate if someone spends a certain amount on your fundraiser–this way the customer gets even more out of their purchase! 

Show Your Appreciation to Your Team

You, of course, want to show appreciation to everyone who helps make your fundraiser a success. In addition to rewards for various levels of participation, you can also host a wrap party or luncheon for your sales volunteers to reward their hard work. 

Publicly Recognize Achievements

It can be very powerful to praise people publicly. You may want to host a group “awards ceremony,” where you can hand out rewards at the fundraiser’s end. You can even find affordable plaques to create for your participants! 

Create Personal Goals

You can motivate individual salespeople by having them self-select a personal goal at the start of the fundraiser. These selections can be made as a group, so people feel accountable to each other. If they meet their self-selected goal, they get a reward! 

School Fundraiser Incentives 

School fundraiser incentives can come with their own unique rewards. You can include rewards that directly benefit each classroom, like providing school supplies, hosting a class party, or winning extra playground time. 

School fundraisers can also give you a chance to offer wacky rewards! Student groups and sports teams may often be incentivized by the promise of their teacher, administrator, or coach doing something silly when they reach their goal. This can mean dancing as the school mascot, dressing like a clown, or getting a pie in the face! Your students or school group can come up with the idea that they like best. 


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