10 ways to Delegate Fundraising Responsibilities

Being a fundraiser chairperson/leader can be rewarding and overwhelming all at the same time. There are so many programs to choose from, organizing it all, and trying to get everyone involved…it’s a lot. We’ve compiled some tips to help alleviate some of the stress.

1. Select the Main Contact

Choose who you main contact will be. This is someone who has either had experience in running a fundraiser before or someone who can dedicate time to running things as well.

2. Know WHY and WHAT you’re fundraising for

Travel plans? Team uniforms? Help filling up a food panty for your local community? Knowing Why and What you’re fundraising for will help guide you to having successful sale.

3. Research different Opportunities

There are literally TONS of programs to fundraise with. Popcorn, chocolate, team apparel, citrus, candles…so many options. Reach out to the companies and gather information. Find a company that you feel good working with, has products you feel good offering, and offers support. Having professionals on your side, helps things go smoother.

4. Set Goals

Goal setting helps everyone get motivated. Either set a minimal selling quantity or a dollar amount to reach. Create a goal tracker everyone can see to use as inspiration and motivation. Celebrate milestones along the way!

5. Set Deadlines

Let your group members know what deadlines they have to make sales. Send reminders out to keep everyone on track.

6. Be Clear & Firm about End of Sale Dates

Make it clear of when the end of your sale is. Work with your fundraiser contact about when they need your final order and payments so your group can get the information in on time. Keeping to a firm end date, ensures no delays in deliveries or unhappy supporters!

7. Communicate

Use text, emails, phone calls, and social media to keep everyone aware of your sale and any important dates and on-goings with your fundraiser. One of the ways a fundraiser can fail is poor communication. If your sellers are lacking clear information, clear deadlines, or clear goals they’ll be less motivated and the sale can suffer.

8. Be Supportive if Questions or Concerns come up

People are going to be asking questions and have concerns no matter how clear you are with information. Be supportive and be there for everyone. If there are questions you need help answering, you should always rely on your fundraiser contact.

9. Help Incoming New Members

If you’re transitioning out of your current role of fundraiser chair and someone new is coming in, be available to help make that an easy switch. They may never have done this before and that can lead to them overwhelmed. Try to have information ready for them to look through and have contacts listed for them.

10. Give Full Credit, Show Appreciation, and Celebrate!

At the end of your sale, take time to acknowledge and show gratitude to those your helped your sale be a success! From you members who sold the products, the volunteers who helped distribute the product, and anyone who helped you along the way. It takes a positive team to have a positive triumphant sale!

If you’re a seasoned fundraiser chairperson, what things have helped you and your group run a smooth and successful fundraiser? Any tips you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear about it!

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