CITRUS: Not just a sweet juicy treat, but also full of Healthy Benefits!

Florida Indian River Groves not only helps provide your fundraiser with a chance to raise money for your group or school, but we also supply a product that everyone can feel great about purchasing! Your supporters will feel good about purchasing “fresh from the grove citrus”, knowing they made a healthy choice, while helping a great cause. We all know citrus provides an excellent source of a multitude of vitamins and minerals that can help protect your body and possibly prevent many health issues, but below are some other surprisingly beneficial perks!

Provides a Great source of Fiber

Citrus fruits can provide up to two thirds of soluble fiber per serving. This form of fiber can help lower cholesterol and help with the regulation of glucose levels. Eating just one orange can provide up to 2.3 grams of fiber. This can help women meet their recommended fiber intake goal of 25 grams per day. Adding fiber packed citrus foods to your daily diet can help keep you feeling full and satisfied longer throughout the day, making them a great snack and additions to meals!

Surprised! They’re packed with Potassium!

Bananas are usually the first fruit everyone thinks of when they first hear “packed with potassium!” but citrus fruits are also a great source for this mineral. Potassium is important for mineral balance, muscle contractions, and fluid regulation. If you’re eating too many salty foods, adding potassium rich citrus fruit can help your body flush out that excess sodium. Adding citrus to your diet can also help increase your amount of potassium, which can help lower your risk of heart disease, and help lower your risk of stroke!

Reduces the lengths of Colds!

While we all know citrus fruits are filled with vitamin C, it cannot prevent you from actually catching a cold, but it can help shorten the length of your cold. One single orange packs up to 51mg of vitamin C and one grapefruit up to 38mg. Having an orange or grapefruit while under the weather could help shorten the symptoms by about a day! It might not sound like much, but one less day of nose blowing and coughing is definitely a relief.

Younger, Healthier Skin!

Having great looking skin not only benefits your body, but also boosts your confidence! Eating foods rich in vitamin C can help prevent wrinkles and dry skin, two things we all try very hard to avoid. An essential nutrient for production of collagen, one of the most common proteins in your body, is vitamin C. Collagen supports our skin from sagging and wrinkling, keeping our skin looking fresh and younger. The antioxidant benefits of citrus fruit help remove dead skin cells and promote generation of new skin cells that keep skin soft. Citrus fruits help our skin look fresher, younger, and softer!

These are just a few highlights of the many benefits of Fresh Florida Citrus! Florida Indian River Groves provides a high quality product that will not only help your group raise funds for upcoming projects, but also provides your supporters with a mindful, quality, and health conscious choice. Follow us on PINTERST for ideas on adding citrus to your recipes, DIY citrus skin care, DIY citrus cleaners, and more!

What are some of your favorite benefits of citrus fruit? What have you done to increase your daily intake? Please comment and share your ideas with us! We’d love to hear from you!




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