5 Tips for Writing Great Thank You Notes To Your Supporters

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Learn how to write great thank you notes that your supporters will appreciate.

There are many steps involved in hosting a successful fundraising event. However, there is one step at the end of your event that you should never forget about: writing thank you notes. Thanking your supporters is an essential part of fundraising and helps create long-lasting relationships between your community of supporters and your organization. By reaching out to thank each person who supported your cause, you foster a sense of loyalty and inclusion that inspires people to help you in your future fundraising events. To write great thank you notes, remember the following suggestions. 

Send a Timely Thank You 

If your supporter doesn’t receive their thank you note within about ten days after their contribution to your fundraiser, they may expect that they won’t receive one. You can stay on top of your thank yous by making sure to write one right away after receiving a new fundraiser purchase or donation. 

Write an Authentic and Personal Note

Of course, when your supporters receive a thank you note, they don’t want it to feel as though they are receiving a one-size-fits-all thank you. When writing great thank you notes, try to add the human touch. Don’t make your note so generic, and add personal touches when you can. 

Explain The Impact 

Pair your thank you note with a bit of information explaining how this person’s support helps your cause. You don’t have to include extensive details, but let your supporters know how their purchase is helping you reach your goals. Did you reach the amount you need for new school band uniforms? Let the supporter know that they helped you achieve this mission

Celebrate The Supporter 

When informing your supporters about their impact, remember to focus on celebrating the contributions of that supporter. Rather than using “I” and “we” and celebrating your organization, you can use “you” and “your” to put the focus on your supporter’s contributions. This helps them feel like they are playing an important role in your group and that you appreciate them greatly. 

Send Thank You Notes Often 

It’s good practice to start sending thank you notes as a habit. You should get used to sending them regularly, and not just after they make a purchase to support your fundraiser. If you have a reason to express gratitude, you can say thank you! No one dislikes receiving great thank you notes from an organization they’re supporting. 


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