How to Write Compelling Fundraising Messages

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Learn how to craft the most compelling fundraising messages for your supporters.

When you start your fruit fundraising program, it’s important to consider how you will spread your message. It can sometimes be difficult to grab the attention of your potential supporters, especially if they have other fundraisers competing for their attention. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can remember when composing compelling fundraising messages. The following suggestions can help you share your mission with your supporters and encourage participation in your fundraiser. 

Address Your Supporter Directly 

One of the simplest things you can do to make a positive impression is address your recipients by name. Messages that start with a generic “Dear Friend” or other variations may make you sound disengaged. By addressing your supporter directly, you can help your message stand out. 

Consider the Supporter’s History with Your Group

Every supporter has a unique journey with your organization. You can use this history when crafting compelling fundraising messages. For instance, has this person recently become involved in your group? Does your recipient have a chance to support your fundraising for the first time? Are they longtime supporters of your group’s goals? Consider these factors when speaking to them. 

Include Information From Your Organization 

Compelling fundraising messages should, above all, be genuine. Your supporters will feel your genuine interest in fundraising if you add information from your group. You can ask a band member, school leader, or other organization participants to add a personal message about what this fundraiser means to them and the group’s mission. This emotional appeal can make a big difference. 

Be Specific 

Supporters may be familiar with your organization, but do they know what your fundraiser will support? Effective fundraising messages should include the specific financial goals of your fruit fundraiser and what the money will be used for. For instance, if your school band needs money for uniforms and travel, you can outline the funds required for both. 

Create a Relationship

Fundraising messages are primarily meant to inspire purchases from your fundraiser, but they can also strengthen relationships. These messages can help create and retain loyal supporters who you can count on to contribute to your future fundraising efforts. 

Strategize for Mobile Donations 

The percentage of online donations made with mobile devices grows every year. To increase the convenience of participating in your fruit fundraiser, you can encourage the use of your mobile app. The Florida Indian River Groves mobile app can also automate fundraising messages through text and social media posts. This is just another way to reach some of your supporters, especially younger ones who may be more inclined to read a text than a fundraising email. 


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