Caring for Citrus Fruit

Knowing how to properly care for your newly arrived citrus fruit will help ensure it stays fresher longer and be able to enjoy them longer. Here are some tips to storing and how to keep the fruit from molding.

1. Keep them Dry

Keep the fruit separated and dry rather than bundled together. When citrus is bundled together it can create an environment that could promote mold growth and can create lesions.

2. Refrigeration

Oranges and Grapefruit do best at cooler temperatures. They are prone to go bad quickly at warmer temperatures. Remember to turn your fruit occasionally to make sure all sides of the fruit receives access to air flow. This extra step could help your citrus stay fresh for up to 30 days.

3. Store in a mesh bag rather than plastic

Storing your dry fruit in a mesh bag instead of a plastic bag allows for more air flow around the fruit keeping it fresher and not allowing areas for potential mold growth. Rotate them occasionally and if any piece is getting soft, use that one first.

4. Cool Counter Tops

If you plan on eating your citrus within the week, they can be placed in a cool spot on your counter tops. Just make sure each one is dry before placing in a bowl or basket away from sunlight. If you plan on making fresh orange or grapefruit juice, make sure the fruit is at room temperature, you’ll get more juice that way. If you’re not planning on using your fruit right away, both the zest and juice can be frozen till a later time.

Following these tips will help keep your citrus fresher longer and more enjoyable. If you have any care tips that we haven’t thought of that have worked for you, please share below in the comments! We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

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