Help! How Can We Make This Fundraiser More Successful?!

Being in charge of a fundraiser can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot of pieces to take care of and one of those pieces is encouraging everyone to be involved. Not everyone may be excited to sell citrus fruit, but a large group effort is needed to see larger profits. We’ve worked with various groups over the years and have heard some great ideas to encourage and excite your group to be more active in making this fundraiser fantastic!

Be Clear about WHY you’re fundraising

Communicate the specific reason for your fundraising! This helps customers know what their money is supporting. Are you fundraising for a trip? New roof for the church? New team equipment? Sharing specifically and consistently will help supporters connect to your members and will lead to more sales.

Create a Goal Tracker

Set either a monetary amount or a box count for your group to work towards and create a fun visual for your group to track the sale’s progress. You can be as simple or as creative as you wish to show the progress. Visuals help make sales more “real” to your group members to track their success and encourage them to work harder to reach their set goal.

It takes a Team to Succeed!

No one person can do it all. Fundraising can be easy, fun, and rewarding! Enlist the help of students, parents, church members, or club members. Help each member understand how important they are to the total effort by reaching out to everyone they know and have them pass along the information. Sharing is Caring! The more people working towards one goal means more success. Use our Social Media Packet to your advantage! It was designed to help you get the word out on your social media platforms, text messages, and emails! Don’t be afraid to ask others to help! Remember the acronym for TEAM? Together Everyone Achieves More!


Use incentives to encourage your members to meet their goals. A perk for your members to earn is a fun way to get everyone motivated to sell. A simple incentive is to issue tickets per box sold. Tickets can be earned towards several things. Examples are:

  • Raffles for Gift Cards
  • Earning tickets towards a class or group party
  • Earn tickets toward attending school in a funky hat or pajamas!
  • Tickets for Extra Credit
  • Earn towards a team/group apparel
  • Gift Cards towards local eateries/coffee shops

Tickets may not work for your group, but friendly competition might! Challenge your sellers to sell a minimum box count and see who can beat that count. You could offer a reward for the top seller or a group reward.

Show your Thanks!

At the end of your sale, make sure to show your appreciation to your supporters! Let them know just how much their support means to your group. Once your profits are received and are applied to the purpose of your fundraiser, share out a photo of your group. Show your customers how their contribution has helped. If possible, have your members send a little handwritten note as a Thank you! A little effort goes a very long way in earning your supporter’s repeat business.

Using this as a starting point are just a few ways to make your fundraiser successful. If you’ve held a fundraiser with us, what are some things that made your sale successful? What did you do that increased your sales? Please share with us! We’d love to hear!

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