Getting to know your Citrus

Learning about the product you’ll be promoting helps you be more excited. You might think an orange is just an orange right? But each variety is special and unique in its own way. Did you know the Navel orange is called a navel orange because of how the top looks like a bellybutton? Or why honeybell’s are called honeybells? Being able to use fun facts help engage your supporters and could help them win a trivia game night!

Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are typically the orange you think of when you think of an orange. These typically have thicker skin, are easier to peel, and make great snacks! Navels have a longer availability following between November through April so they’re great to enjoy in the Fall and Spring!

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin Orange

These teeny oranges are sometimes referred to as “cuties”. They’re the smallest of the bunch but pack big flavor. Mandarins are small and oblate shaped (squished circle shaped), easy to peel, sweet and juicy perfect for snacking, and for adding to meals. Keep a bowl of mandarin’s on your kitchen counter or table and they’ll be gone before you know it!

Honeybell Tangelos

Honeybell Orange

Honeybells are a crowd favorite! These uniquely shaped treats are always asked about. They have a tart tangy taste, are easy to peel, and very juicy. Their name comes from their “bell” like shape. Come January, this variety is always asked about making them a very popular gift-giving variety.

Hamlin Juice Oranges

These oranges are small, smooth, vibrant in color, and juicy. Perfect for freshly squeezed orange juice! Hamlin’s are harvested between October and December just in time for family gatherings that include homemade breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice!

Indian River Red Grapefruit

Native to Florida’s Indian River Region these grapefruit are picture-perfect. Red grapefruit make for a healthful breakfast and can start your day off wonderfully. An easy to peel and slice treat that’s so sweet you can skip the sugar! Indian River grapefruit tends to be seedless, be blushing red, and delicious!

Citrus fruits provide so many benefits that adding them to your daily diet is a wonderful choice. For ideas on how to incorporate these delicious fruits into your daily meals and life, please follow us on PINTEREST! There you can find recipes, DIY cleaners using citrus, and easy home décor craft ideas! We’d love to hear how you include citrus in your daily life! Please share with us some of your ideas!



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