Social Media & Fundraisers: An Ideal Match

Things are changing in the world of fundraising. Everyone is getting busier and busier but the financial needs for groups still remain. For schools, it’s either for new sports equipment, new band uniforms, or even basic school supplies. Churches and civic clubs raise money for community outreach, new church roofs or buildings, local scholarships, or to fill food pantries. But how do you to make the most of your fundraiser to gain the most supporters while fitting it into your already busy schedule? Use social media!

It’s easier than you think!

Everyone is using already social media in some form of another. Either to stay in touch with family and friends, joining groups, or to stay on top of the latest trends and celebrity gossip. Use your platform to share news about your group’s goals and needs and to share your fundraiser information out. It takes just a few minutes to write up a simple “Hey guys! Please help support my group!” post that includes your website information and hit “Post”. Once it’s up, you’ve just informed your entire friends list about your fundraiser!

Sharing is Caring!

Now that you’ve posted about your fundraiser, encourage your participates to share the news as well! Text, email, and post about your website sale link. It never hurts to ask your friends and family share your post, but it’ll hurt your sales if you don’t. Sharing posts help create a ripple effect. You never know who will end up seeing your link and it could lead to a big supporter!

Use Photos!

Having a visual of who your group is and what you’re raising money for helps supporters connect to you. They know what they’re investing their hard earned money in. Also have enticing photos of the product you’re selling! Photos of brightly colored citrus fruit are always eye catching and sparks your imagination about how juicy and sweet they are. Show off the product! Who doesn’t look at a bright juicy orange and imagine how good and refreshing it’ll taste?

Social media is a great tool that your group can easily employ to connect with your supporters. It is effortless and takes minimal time to use. Encourage your participants to use their social media platforms to help promote your fundraiser. The more your website link is shared and seen, the more money your group could earn.

What ways have you used to share information about your fundraiser? We’d love to hear about it!

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