Say “I love you” with Citrus this year!

Say “I love you” with Citrus this year!

With many schools having restrictions on what can and cannot be brought into schools due to deadly food allergies, fruit is a wondering surprising alternative for sweet treats!

Be Creative and Original!

Orange You The Cutest

Using mandarins to create simple and cute Valentine’s Day messages is creative and out of the box. Simply use clear bags, a little green paper filler, and tie off with a cute note of “Orange you glad we’re friends?” is great replacement to a card with candy. Some other cute phrases to use:

  • I hope you have the ZEST day!
  • You’re the FRESHEST of the bunch!
  • You’re my main SQUEEZE!
  • You’re so naturally SWEET!

Homemade Body Care 

body scrub and grapefruit on wooden background

Making homemade gifts are always a winner! Not only does it show you’re making time to make something special, it’s more heartfelt. Why not try your hand at making some DIY beauty treatments!

  • Grapefruit Sugar Scrubs
  • Citrus Shower Steamers
  • Orange Bath Bombs
  • Mimosa Sugar Scrubs

Delicious Made with Loves Sweets

blood orange almond citrus cake with slices cut on a plate

Baking and cooking for someone is always a gift that is well loved. Use this day to show off your hidden talents culinary talents! From steaks to chicken or cookies to cakes, there are plenty of options to treat your Valentine to a home cooked treat!

  • Upside down Orange Cake
  • Orange Rolls
  • Honey Glazed Orange Chicken
  • Sriracha Orange Beef

We’ve collected ideas like these and many more over on our Pinterest page. What ways have you used citrus in your holidays and gift giving ideas? We’d love to hear about them!

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